Spring is Blooming

“Spring is just busting out all over”……right here in ‘Friendly Falmouth’!!!   Our beautiful daffodils have already graced us with their festive appearance…..a very special time for us!!

Our village has just completed repaving all of the sidewalks with pavers which border the lovely gardens in front of all our wonderful shops, which creates a very happy and welcoming atmosphere.

Inn at Siders Lane is looking forward to our 14th season right here on the Village Green.  Falmouth Village will be in full bloom with its May Day baskets seen throughout the town, Spohr Gardens Daffodil Days, a wonderful activity for families as well as the upcoming Fairy Houses which start in June at Highfield Hall.  Not to forget:  Ghelfi’s Candies of Cape Cod and Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium are all set to serve their awesome ice cream treats!!!

So…….come on down!!!!DSCN1022